Hi, Philip

You must have taken a Zimbio quiz or two, right?
They’re fun, aren’t they? At least, they started out being fun for me. One of my Facebook friends posted the Which Game of Throne Character Are You quiz. I thought, what the heck, I’ll take it, too. I was absolutely thrilled to find out I was Daenerys Targaryan.
She’s one of my favorite characters AND a total badass. I mean, look at what happens when she says the word “dracarys”:

Who is that woman with my son? She just stands there as Philip messes up the craft. At this table, the public library has a project in which a coffee filter is supposed to be glued to the top of the green rectangle of construction paper to become a flower on a stem. Philip is gluing it in the middle! Wait, is she helping him do it wrong? Why didn’t she point out how the other kids are doing it the right way? She acts as if this gymnasium full of families won’t notice.

Philip should now select a pastel cupcake liner and glue inside the filter as the flower’s blossom. He touches the pink, blue, and yellow cups, but puts the cap back on the glue stick. And that woman lets him.

Now he is moving to the other side of the table. He has discovered the librarian’s stash of black markers. And instead of telling him not to touch them, that woman is chatting with the librarian. Wait, she’s finally taking action. Maybe she’s going to yank the marker out of his hand.